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Cooking Demonstrations

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Considering that this year's theme is cooking, I was wondering if anyone would like to see a cooking demonstration. Logistically I am not sure how it would work but like having a cooking demonstration as a panel or like how they have weapons demonstrations could be cool to see. Also can be a pretty tasty event.

Another idea could be like a planned eating contest on stage zero. Who can eat the most takoyaki balls or a spicy ramen challenge?

If you have ever seen Yumi King's videos on youtube she does precisely this in her panels. (Her side channel for cooking is Yummy King). Apart from having her as a guest, I also thought demonstrations would be a great idea

An eating challenge on Stage Zero? Count me in.

But what kind of legal issues could Fanime end up dealing with?

I'm sure this idea has crossed the minds of Fanime. I'd more surprised if they didn't.
Also, there's food conventions where demonstrations are done, so I'm sure cooking wouldn't be a huge issue for Fanime.

It would be interesting to see all sorts of variety of Japanese foods shown. Maybe stuff related to anime. Maybe Japanese food you might not see often cooked in America. There's many things Fanime could do.

Food is a major no no as it was explained once before by the hosts of stage zero.

It essentially boils down to legality reasons why they can't personally serve food.


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