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Guests I want for FanimeCon 2020 (Iron Chef Edition)!

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Creating next year's desired guest suggestion list  ;)

Iron Chef?  Well then...

Obviously we need Takeshi Kaga, aka "Chairman Kaga" from Iron Chef!

He also played Soichiro Yagami in the live action Death Note movies from 2006, as well as several anime roles.

Hiroyuki Sakai would be my recommendation as well.

He is the King of Iron Chef, after all.

For a cosplay guest, I would love to see Canadian cosplayer Phil Mizuno. He's a great cosplayer and is very kind, loving, and genuine to his fans. He is a model of how one can pursue their passions and creativity to turn it into a full time career as a professional cosplayer and still remain humble. I believe he has a wonderful story to share and teach and would be a great addition for the guest lineup of Fanime 2020. In case you're interested to check out his fb page:

I'm just going to steal my list from the 2019 suggestions cause they're basically the same for next year:

Jun Fukuyama
Masuda Toshiki
Kishou Taniyama
Tomokazu Sugita
Noriyaki Sugiyama
Kensho Ono
Quinton Flynn
Chris Sabat
Derek Stephen Prince
Crispin Freeman
Wendee Lee
DC Douglas
Robbie Daymond
Ray Chase
Bryce Papenbrook
Christina Vee

I will add to it when I think of more. :3


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