My Hero Academia cosplay panel 2020!!! (Panel Submitted!!!)

Started by Chub_Rye, August 26, 2019, 11:37:20 PM

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Hello everyone!!

Wanna join the BNHA cosplay panel? Lol I don't have a age range for it yet but I was thinking of 16+ or 18+, the final range would be decided by everyone participating in the panel to ensure everyone is in agreement and comfortable with the topic or questions that could be asked. As of now all characters are up for grabs! I myself am deciding to cosplay Mina but that might change I'm not sure yet.

But yeah any hero or villain that wants to participate go ahead and hit me up! It will be loads of fun ^^

Here is the discord server for the panel! Fasted way to get ahold of me also any updates

We still have lots of characters up for grabs so please spread the word to anyone who would be interested!!

If you want to get ahold of me for any more information or to participate you can contact me through Instagram: @chub_rye.cosplay

Hope to hear from you guys soon and Have a great day everyone


Hi! I was interested in being in your panel. I mainly cosplay as Izuku, however I also do Uraraka.


Yay! So currently there isn't really a cast so if you have any friends or know anyone that would want to participate let me know!! And you could be which ever you'd like and feel comfortable doing


Oh Okay! I'll make sure to ask around and see if anyone wants to. And if he isnt taken, then Id like to be Deku. I might have a Kirishima as well