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Fanime 2020 Final Fantasy VII Panel!


Hey guys! My Final Fantasy panel group is planning on hosting a Final Fantasy VII panel this year! (Last year we did a VII and XV 18+ panel if you remember that!)

Anyway, next year we are aiming at hosting a VII specific panel(since the Remake is coming out next year!) and while we have mostly everyone, we are still missing a couple characters, hence why I am making this post!

Panel summary: Moogle will be our host, but wait! Turns out this "moogle" is actually Hojo! Barret is the rule enforcer and Yuffie is, well, the stage ninja. Everyone else is just there for the fun of it.

The panel will be all ages this time! So that means NO swearing or any jokes/topics with a PG13 rating! (Though if anyone does feel the need to swear >looking at you Barret< then those words will be censored.)

Now without further ado, here is the list of taken and available characters!

Taken Characters

Available Characters
Elena OR Rufus(cannot have both so whichever one we get first basically)

Thank you for checking out this thread and we hope to see you at our panel!! <3

As of right now our Aerith had to drop out, so we are looking for a new Aerith for next year!

EDIT #2: Instead of making a new post I'm just gonna update this one.

But on to the update itself is this: Our Cid has dropped as well.

HOWEVER, it appears we are not looking for a replacement Cid at this time. Mainly due to the fact of having a lot of people on the panel already as well as looking for a couple more.

So I do apologize to any Cid cosplayers who were hoping to join us. If we do decide we need a Cid, I will keep you all posted.

UPDATE: We now have an Aerith. But our Tifa had to drop out.

So the first post has been updated with the needed info!

JoAser Cosplay:
Bump for support!

Sadly our Tseng has dropped. :( So if anyone wants to take his place let us know!


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