Art Show / Gallery - for 2020

Started by Hachimitsu-ink, October 14, 2019, 01:24:20 AM

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I know this is A HUGE undertaking to ask this out loud for ideas and suggestions but I was thinking of wanting to volunteer to take control of the Art show/gallery for Fanime con.

WE HAD one before around...2016?..maybe 2015?...
but lately, the art gallery was removed for a very long time.

are we not going to have this anymore or is there a reason why we aren't having one?..

(Sorry but the Fanime con Art show doesn't qualify because it felt more of a promotion of the yester-years past)

What I am talking about is an actual art gallery from those who worked hard to showcase their gifts.

So despite we might not get one for 2020, is it possible to volunteer for it to take-in charge?.. what do I need to do once I get accepted?
Again, I really apologized if this is in the wrong thread, but it does qualify for an idea/suggestion!

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I'd love to see an Art Show/Showcase again! I see them at other cons all the time, so why not Fanime!? Granted, you have it right that's it's a huge undertaking to organize, curate and critique to make sure the art displayed is up to a certain standard, but I'd think it'd be well appreciated!
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Actually the last time I saw it, anyone was welcome to showcase their artworks. It was fun and it felt easy..the only problem is people had to bring their own Hooks.

I mean, I just want to see some wonderful illustrations from those who could not participate for artist alley!
and Art gallery seems to fit the bill.