*It has begun* in sheng tsung's voice.

Started by EJAY420, October 29, 2019, 10:45:32 PM

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Who else prepaid today?
Who's ready for the nightmarish hotel booking extravaganza??
Most Impressive.

TC X0 Lt 0X

Got it done.
Probably will be good to go for Hotel runs.
Usually aim for stuff that is not The Marriot/Hilton, so rooms are usually failry easy

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I got mine the first day, too! Aww yeah! Already psyched for next year! 👍
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R.I.P. Fanime 2020 😭

See y'all in 2021!


After a couple of hiccups, I got my badge just fine.
Also a Proud Fanime Con Attendee since 1998!
Yay, Haruko.