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No updates about when panel submissions for 2020 were live?

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On the website it currently states that the panel schedule has already been finalized. But no where on the Fanime Twitter or fanime panels twitter did they ever mention that submissions were even open. Did they announce them somewhere else? I have notifications on for all the Fanime Twitter accounts to try to keep on top of things and this went right by me.

It's way too early for panels to be anywhere near finalized. So it must be there by mistake.

I'm also looking at the site right now, and don't see where it says that anywhere. So they must've removed it once they realized it was there by mistake. :0

Yeah I thought to too, but on their panels section of the site right now it does say that 2020 panels are already decided.

It might be a mistake and I hope it is.

They would not finalize the panel schedule this early. It's definitely a mistake.

They don't even have all the guests for 2020 yet, they can't finalize the schedule til they have all their guests.

Guarantee you that it's all text from last year, with the year simply changed to 2020.  "Deadline for 2020 Panels: March 16, 11:59 pm"  They'll make announcements when it gets closer, usually sometime in January / February.  Fanime Panels Staff are good people, they wouldn't hang you out to dry like that.


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