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2022 Old School (Pre-2001) Cosplay Gathering

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As I am sure you are aware, FanimeCon 2021 cannot be held in-person and will instead be a virtual event.  As the notion of a gathering is to bring people together in person, we will be rolling the gathering ahead to 2022, when hopefully FanimeCon will be able to be held physically once again.  We are fully committed to hosting this gathering (as well as our Vintage Anime panel) in 2022.  However until official gathering submissions open for FanimeCon 2022, all information below is TO BE ANNOUNCED, although we generally are at the same time (evening of of the first day as tradition) and place every year.

Until then, every Friday I'm going to continue to share an old school anime opening or ending right up until Fanime, as usual.  That means, yet again, you have over a year of weekly posts to look forward to and we'll keep that old school fire burning.  If you have any questions or concerns, just let me know.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, and (hopefully) we'll see you next year.

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Greetings old school cosplayers!  The previous Old School Gathering was a blast as always, thank you all for your amazing attendance, awesome cosplay, and continued representation of the fandoms that created anime conventions!  Of course I'm back to host yet again!  Continuing the tradition of the gathering that got me into cosplay, I announce the...

Fanime 2022 Old School (Pre-2001) Cosplay Gathering!

Come celebrate the rich history of Japanese entertainment culture!

This is a hugely open gathering for those of you / us who cosplay as characters from the previous century.  Essentially if your cosplay character appears in Anime, Manga, Video Games or Live Action that began PRIOR to 2001, then this is the gathering for you!  Although I like to have a decidedly Japanese lean to this gathering, it is not completely exclusive.

Day : Friday, May 27th, 2022 (Day 1).
Time : TBA, more than likely 6PM - 7PM.
Meeting Place (MP) : Same as Location.
Location (L) : TBA, more than likely Gatherings G3, Downstairs Tiered Platform.

This will be our fifth consecutive year hosting! We will be at the same location as previous - turn right from the main Convention Center entrance, and head down the stairs to the video rooms on the lower level.  We will be on the downstairs wooden tiered platforms between the stairs and the escalators.

Gatherings G3 is the wooden tiered platform area along the stairs that lead down to the video rooms on the lower level.  This will be our third year at this location, with the familiarity allowing for good crowd management.

Cosplayers : If you would like, please post who your cosplay character is, what title it is from and what year you are representing!  As this gathering is a total wildcard mix of different characters, series, studios, and genres - spanning time rather than properties - a definitive list is otherwise not provided.  Part of the fun of the OSCG is seeing just who shows up.

Legal Statement : Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photography Order : If there is any specific setup or shot you would like, just let me know!  This gathering is to celebrate all of us as cosplayers who keep the vintage fire alive.

Group shot.
By era - 1960's (or earlier).
By era - 1970's.
By era - 1980's.
By era - 1990's (to 2000).
Characters who use swords / knives / blades / etc.
Characters known to get physical / fighters / brawlers.
Military / rank and file / soldiers.
Characters with psychic powers / spiritual powers / espers / magic / etc.
Pilots / drivers / craft operators / mech jockeys.
Teachers / students / faculty / school attendants / etc.
Characters who use firearms / laser guns / projectile weapons / etc.
Magical girls.
Animals / pets.
Spacefaring characters / those who live off-world.
Robots / androids / synthetic people / mecha.
Characters who are mysterious / shadowy.
Public servants / government organizations / secret organizations.
Characters with secret identities.
Characters in uniform of any type.
Battle teams.
Video game characters.
Characters who are on the run / fugitives / scoundrels / bounty hunters.
Monsters / demons / youma / zombies / etc.
Characters who are technically minded / deductive / intelligent / geniuses.
Great warriors / legendary masters.
Heroes vs Villains.
Cosplayers representing the manga version of their character.
Age vs Youth / old characters vs young characters.
Live Action only characters.
Pairings / couples.
Group shot for late attendees (regular / humorous).

Series groups (dependent on attendance / cosplayer request).
By studio / production team (dependent on attendance / cosplayer request).
Solo shots (cosplayer request).
Additional requests (cosplayer request).

I am always up for future ideas to add to the list!  A good portion of the photo order is built upon suggestions from previous years.  I may be trimming the list a bit this year to get the order cycled faster.

Facebook Event Link:

This is an excellent gathering to psyche you up for the convention weekend.  If you're an old school cosplayer, stop by and join us!  Feel free to pop in for a moment to say hi, see some incredible cosplay, pose for some pictures, and continue to prove that just because it's old doesn't mean it isn't awesome!

Thank you so very much.  Let's have another great turnout and continue this wonderful Fanime tradition!

Hold Space (A).

Hold Space (B).

I should be there as Satsuki from My Neighbor Totoro! :)

Eri Kagami:
So, I'm working on two UC Gundam cosplays in the works to compliment my partner's Bright cosplay. Looking forward to this!


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