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2022 Old School (Pre-2001) Cosplay Gathering

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Housing over the horizon!  This is the first FanimeCon since I've started cosplaying where we don't have any new cosplay lined up.  There's stuff we're working on but don't plan on having it ready to go for Fanime 2020.  Present plan for the gathering is to bring back our Patlabor captains cosplay, since we didn't wear them at all in 2019 - surprisingly!

--- Quote from: Angelx624 on January 02, 2020, 01:41:55 AM ---I should be there as Satsuki from My Neighbor Totoro! :)

--- End quote ---

Woohoo! Still a long way off but I hope your cosplay and scheduling plans come together smoothly.  Thank you for attending every year!

--- Quote from: Eri Kagami on January 05, 2020, 07:15:33 PM ---So, I'm working on two UC Gundam cosplays in the works to compliment my partner's Bright cosplay. Looking forward to this!

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Awesome! I love seeing Gundam characters at the gathering!!

Yup, though I've had the cosplay done since last August. And you're welcome! ^^ Hopefully this time I won't be late.

Depending on what I can put together, I could show up this year as Ichiro Ogami from Sakura Wars. If not, then I'll return as Shinji Ikari from NGE.

The Sea-Faring Otaku:
Our Outlaw Star crew will be back, yet again! The best gathering at Fanime!

There is a possibility I might be bringing Sheeta instead, but the blue dress instead of the other outfit.

But will know for sure closer to the con. ^^ (If I bring Sheeta, I'll likely bring Satsuki to AX)


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