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Hentai Music Videos Contest 2020 - CANCELLED :(


FanimeCon's 2020 Hentai Music Videos Competition is ready for submissions!


Personal note:
Last year's 10th anniversary was a really special event for me. I enjoy all the hard work by the entrants and the energy of the crowd. It's been an amazing 10 years and I'm hopeful to keep things going for as long as possible.


Prizes are provided right out of my own pocket, normally in the form of an Amazon gift certificate.
As with last year, If the winner(s) are present at the contest and desire to accept their award in person, you can get a special cash prize right there and then.

Contest Awards/Categories

* Contest Director's Pick (Chosen by Contest Director)
* Audience's pick (Chosen by Audience):*****
The Audience's Pick will be chosen based auditory voting of attendees present. If the Contest Director determines there is not a clear winner based on auditory voting, the prize will be split between the two entries that received the most votes as determined by the Contest Director.

Hentai Music Videos Contest Rules and Guidelines

All questions and comments can be sent to:

Rules are subject to change without notice by FanimeCon or the Contest Director if deemed necessary.
All videos will be screened and may be disqualified and/or excluded for failure to follow any of the rules or guidelines, for violating the general concept of the contest, or for any reason FanimeCon or the Contest Director may see fit.

General Content Rules

* No Guro, Scat, Bestiality or Real-Life Porn
* All entrants and members of groups submitting videos must be over 18
* No illegal content

Submission Instructions and Guidelines:

All submissions must be emailed to with the following information:

* Entrant's Name (or name of the Entrant Group)
* Entrant's Email Address (If different from the sender email address)
* Name of the video
* Song Artist
* Song Title
* Footage Used
* Direct Download URL
* Will you be attending FanimeCon 2020?
Due to the wondrous age we live in, there are many mechanisms for sending files online. Please use common and standard file sending mechanisms (Mediafire, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

Submission Deadline
All videos must be in the possession of the Contest Director by 11:59PM Pacific Time on May 17, 2020. All videos will be tested and any errors must be corrected by 11:59PM Pacific Time on May 21, 2020.

File Formats
All files must be playable on the Contest Director's version of the VLC Media Player. All files will be screened by the Contest Director for playability and issues will be reported to the Entrant. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to resolve any issues.
Unlike the FMV contest, the HMV Contest Director does not have the ability to convert files. Submitters should take responsibility for ensuring that the video is playable. If you need help converting or repairing a file, please use Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google, Ask Jeeves or whatever search engine you enjoy.

For any additional questions, please contact the Contest Director at:

Due to FanimeCon 2020 no longer happening, the HMV Contest is hereby cancelled.

This year's prize will be rolled over into the 2021 prize.

See you all next year. Stay healthy, stay safe.



--- Quote from: HunterZero on April 14, 2020, 10:20:41 PM ---Due to FanimeCon 2020 no longer happening, the HMV Contest is hereby cancelled.

This year's prize will be rolled over into the 2021 prize.

See you all next year. Stay healthy, stay safe.


--- End quote ---
It is unfortunate that this year such a wonderful contest has been canceled.


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