Artist Alley?

Started by PatrickShawn, February 19, 2020, 11:26:00 PM

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Hi, I was wondering if there are any artists in this group or anyone who tried to get into the artist alley? How was the application process? I've heard it's a jury based selection. How much does a table cost? I'm thinking about applying for Fanime 2019 but I don't really know what to expect and I'm not sure if the level of competition is less than or the same AX (I went there for the first time this year as a visitor, but went to Fanime the year or two before that). Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks
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the application process is one of those fill in your name and such like any registration your applying for artist alley.
I think the badges you apply can be inputed later...

once your made it like..i think.. step 3?...4? it will ask you to
- Submit 5 of your best artwork pieces and or link to your portfolio.

once your submit, you have to wait til you get a confirmation letter of Congrats or "Try again next year".

IF you somehow did got the congrats part, the next step they will require is
- Permit
- Payment

The payment process is the easiest as you have to pay for right there and then.

THE PERMIT is a different story as Most artist struggle with this.
some manage to get their permit applications within the first 5 minutes, but for some reason, I and my friends ( and a few others) got theirs within a day or within a week! So it is best to contact them ( board of equalization now renamed as Taxes and fees) to see what was going on!

ONce you got your permit.. you need to input their code.. and await for further instructions./.

AROUND one month from now to the convention or maybe a few weeks, you get another email regarding Table placement.

Once you claim your table.. your all set..

Competition wise:
THE FRIST 1000 artist to subscribe, THE PROCESS GETS SHUT DOWN..and no one is allowed to entered
(I find their " we will close within a week" not believable as I did that method to refine my work)

So best to prepare your best works and enter, cause slots can fill very very fast!

Table wise.. best to be prepare when it happens cause they can fill very fast on the best available spaces!

Hope this helps but... as of now I tried to submit my work and usually, I was in the AA, but then 2018 CHANGED that and I couldn't get in as my work is now being outshined by others.

Sorry if this response is Late, this pandemic kinda ruined the enjoyment of it all!