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Author Topic: Looking to start building  (Read 255 times)

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Looking to start building
« on: February 19, 2020, 11:29:53 PM »

My friends and I spend hours playing on our arcade 1up machines in our downtime, and the question came up how hard would it be to make a full cabinet from scratch?

Obviously once the question was asked, we immediately started looking up how to get it done.

Now that we’re at where we’re at just planning and drawing out how we want the model to look and play, we figured we’d come here and ask a few questions to anyone who has done this before.

Pandora’s box? (Good or bad?) : I’ve seen a lot of reviews, looks like a simpler route, but also seems very cheap. I also don’t like how many games come on the storage, is there anyway to delete/add games easily with no computer coding experience at all?

Best LCD/monitor : I guess I’m going for the cheapest monitor with the best quality. Any suggestions?

Mini Fridge : this one was a last minute Idea, but I’d like to store one in the bottom of my cabinet. What’s the best size to buy and still have room inside the cabinet? Also has anyone had any problems with their mini fridge getting their arcade cabinet wet?

Sizing/materials : I was planning on just using dimensions similar to the arcade 1up cabinets with the riser. Anyone run into problems with the size they made their cabinet or a material they used that I should stray away from?

Anything helps, thanks!
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