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Masquerade 2020!


Helllllo everyone!

My name is Marisa and I am the new Masquerade Head for FanimeCon. You may remember me and my team from FanimeCon 2004 - 2012, or from many of the other conventions where we have run Masquerades over the years. We are so happy to be back at FanimeCon..

If you have any questions you can e-mail me at or my department at
Thanks for your patience!

Is it relevant this year?
I would like to apply for this time.
I study not far from the venue, and I can say that the group and I at the college constantly check the setting there, despite the educational process. I think that immediately after the opening there will be a really large audience of those who interested. I will come with everyone: students, writers from the site, professors, teachers. We are waiting for information from you.


--- Quote from: GordyBon on January 28, 2021, 04:24:44 AM ---Hello.
Is it relevant this year?
I would like to apply for this time.

--- End quote ---

I'm so sorry; this was information I posted last year when everything was still optimistic. I will update the information, as no official decision has been made yet as to what is going to happen this year. I will post here when I know more!


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