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The Sea-Faring Otaku:
Not going to pull any punches with this question.

With the looming threat of exposure and transmission of infections viruses and diseases (the current of public concern being COVID-19) at events where large masses of people are going to be gathering, are there any considerations by the Fanime staff that are being discussed at this time to protect the attendees? Several high profile public events (Emerald City Comic Con, SXSW, and E3 to name a few) and numerous other smaller events at this time have been postponed, actively assessing postponement, and outright canceled due to health concerns for it's attendees. It is an important discussion that needs to be happening, especially when taking in to consideration of those who are at risk of becoming severely ill due to health concerns (the young, the elderly, and the immunocompromised, etc.).

So, my question is there any discussion happening at this time? Is the staff actively monitoring the situation and monitoring the alerts of local health organizations (i.e. the Santa Clara County Public Health Department)? Is the staff considering extreme measures INCLUDING postponement and cancellation in order to protect attendee/public health?

Thank you for your time.

The Sea-Faring Otaku:
Well dang...egg on my face...they put this up yesterday:

I’ve attended Fanime for several years. It’s an important social event for me. I look forward to it every year.

And with the first COVID-19 death reported in Santa Clara County, I think the following questions should be addressed in a public statement. Perhaps one is already in the works.

* Should Fanime simply be cancelled early while some refunds are possible for people who have booked?
* If not, how severe does the situation have to get before the con is cancelled? It would be good to have some limit on this.
* How can a convention be kept safe when the close quarters, packed hotel rooms, and general loss of sleep create an ideal environment for the spread of this illness?

Well. I think it's safe to say that Fanime isn't happening this year...

No end date for this's until further notice.

I'm quite frankly stunned at the utter silence and only the single perfunctory statement about COVID-19 from Fanime staff. How incredibly reckless and irresponsible.

To anyone who reads this message, I would strongly suggest you make arrangements to cancel and get refunds for any travel/lodgings that you booked for this event. This is especially urgent if you booked a hotel through Fanime. I believe that the deadline in previous years to cancel and make changes without penalty ends sometime in April. Not sure if that's the same policy this year. Be proactive and get it done to prevent complications.

Fanime's registration policy says no refunds...if they decide to hold that policy in place despite this, that will make many people VERY angry.

So, will the Fanime staff actually say anything about this or will they continue to announce additional guests of honor on Twitter?  ::)

Fanime should postponed till late summer or next year.
Rather be on the side of caution.


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