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Influenza/COVID-19 Concerns

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--- Quote from: Amanojaku on March 27, 2020, 04:43:11 PM ---Waiting until the last moment to cancel is the smart move for everyone involved.  I don't know how anyone can think otherwise.

--- End quote ---

My speculation. It’s not a smart move for everyone. It’s a smart move and potentially the only move for the convention. Consider you might still have people planning on coming from out of state for this convention. Consider the usual age range attendees are for this convention. Is it really a good idea to wait until the last minute for these people to have their money, schedules surrounding attending this convention. How is this going to work for attendees if they don’t cancel the con until after cancellation deadline for hotels is past? I don’t know what solutions the convention organizers have for these things especially when you consider that this is happening on top of their own very real lives and dealing with how whats happening might be affecting them.

As far as I’m concerned whats responsible for maintaining the convention as a whole might not be the same thing as whats responsible for their fans. And since this is a con for fans by fans that’s why I wonder how this will shake out. We probably won’t see peak Coronavirus for a week or two and then it’s not going away immediately so to have a convention in May would be hugely negligent. I don’t think they will and I don’t think the state of California would even let them at that point. To masquerade like it’s a possibility to hold it is just prolonging some people’s wait for the inevitable cancellation but I worry more for those people who don’t see what should be the writing on the wall.

I was talking a bit with people about why Fanime hasn't cancelled yet and I think they're waiting for the city and the convention hall to cancel on them or they'd probably be out a lot of money.
Fanime is a non profit so all the money they make as profit goes back into the convention the next year. Defaulting on their payments to the convention center and to the hotel blocks they've already paid for would be rough but my guess is if the convention center cancels on them they get their money back. But since the shelter in place order is currently only until May 3 they haven't been cancelled yet.
I'd be very very surprised if they aren't quietly working out the logistics of cancelling but can't say anything for legal reasons of  getting that refund.
Not saying its right thing, but I think that's whats going on.

The deadline for cancelling reserved hotel  rooms is coming up.

Idk about you guys but I cancelled mine. I'm playing it safe this year.

The Sea-Faring Otaku:

--- Quote from: EJAY420 on April 06, 2020, 06:29:04 AM ---The deadline for cancelling reserved hotel  rooms is coming up.

Idk about you guys but I cancelled mine. I'm playing it safe this year.

--- End quote ---

My work schedule recently was adjusted, so I had to cancel. But if it hadn’t I probably would have canceled it anyway. It’s a really tough call, but it’s just too much of a risk at this point. I’m more than willing to help support the organization any other way I can, but attending is just out of the question at this point.

I’d honestly prefer it to be either postponed to summer/fall or just cancelled with preordered badges refunded or honored for next year. Of course I’m going to be bummed out to miss a chance to see friends, but this is a safety/health concern and it’s going to be hard to enjoy the con even if we’re allowed back outside. The situation will still be all too recent.

I’m a gathering host and will try to advise everyone to spread out during photos, but I can’t say I’m comfortable running my gathering/attending other gatherings under these conditions.


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