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Influenza/COVID-19 Concerns

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I also think it should be postponed or cancelled. It's way too risky to still have the convention since it's in May and it's still dangerous to go out.

I know Fanime can't cancel right now cause they will lose too much money if they do right now, thus they might not be able to come back next year, so I'm sure they are just waiting til they have to.

Well San Francisco Unified School District just announced their school sites will remain closed through the end of the school year (June 2, 2020).  The Bay Area counties seem to be following one another's lead, so I'm guessing in the next couple weeks we'll see county / state closure and cancellation notices stretching into early June.  I'd assume that's what we're still waiting on.

I have my doubts as to the safety of people and fans gathering at the Con based on the federal government's (Trump) handling of the Pandemic. Anthony S. Fauci has strongly suggested people should become obsessive hand washers and never shake hands ever again with anyone for any reason in regard to the virus. Yeah, that fills me with Howard Hugh Syndrom confidence. Guess we'll all move to the hand greeting in Demolition Man. Mellow greeting y'all. Iceland and South Korea may be smaller countries but they are more on-the-ball handling their shit way better than the US. Iceland has its own Detectives for crying out loud tracing and backtracking those who were infected and worked out a model to track any new cases. The US has Trump. So it would be a better idea to postpone the Con instead of canceling it. The situation is unsafe at this time and getting a highly dense crowd of people in one place is just inviting calamity and more cases. The US has never had to deal with this sort of thing before on this level. It's not worth the risk.

What I really am hoping is that Fanime makes some kind of announcement soon about the hotels.  A lot of ppl aren't working so that 500+ dollar hotel room is gonna be a huge financial strain on a lot of ppl :(

The deadline for cancelling hotel room is 4/22. which is in 10 days.

If they still intend to monitor this situation, at least freaking extend the cancellation deadline?!?!  At lot of us have lost roommates due to money concerns at this point :(

At least say something to that extent. X_X

The Sea-Faring Otaku:
Well folks, the day we figured would come has arrived:

I ant to thank the staff for looking out for everybody by postponing the event this year, and I will be diligently waiting for 2021. In the meanwhile, I would whole-heartily suggest to support your  favorite artists/vendors who will be affected by the postponement. And take care of yourselves!


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