"End of an Era at OffWorld Designs"

Started by Barnes, January 08, 2021, 08:04:02 PM

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The folks who made and sold merch at Fanime and other events throughout the years are retiring.They are having a sale.

Here is a link for their statement


I'm gonna miss them in the future  :(

Also a Proud Fanime Con Attendee since 1998!
Yay, Haruko.


JEsus christ I KNOW THOSE GUYS..and I once bought a shirt form them.. holy crap I dint know they ended their business :_:!

thanks for sharing this!


Just checked the link a year later and unsurprisingly the domain has been purchased by someone else since then. :'( Truly the end of an era. I bought their 5-2-1 shirt during their retirement clearance!
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