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Study on COVID-19 and Anime Conventions - [Complete]

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i kinda wanna volunteer but I am sorry this response is very very late!....
I'll dm ya

volunteered for the Screening room and artist/dealers halls

I would also like to volunteer for a interview if its still available! I sent in my application to be staff at the convention, but since COVID hit I knew it wasn't happening. Would love to give an imput!

Nina Star 9:
If you're still looking, I've been going to cons for nearly two decades now and was both a Cosplay Cup finalist and a panelist at V-CRX last year, and I'd be happy to give my input

You can email me: fabrickind at gmail


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Hello everyone! Sorry for the delayed response and thank you for your patience! The last few weeks of school got really busy.

If you are still interested in participation, I've moved the questions to a google survey here so that its easy to access the questions.

As with the other information, this is only accessible by myself and you can remain anonymous on the form as it does not require sign-ins and will not take any information aside from what you put into it. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please e-mail me at kscrivan@uoregon.edu or DM me here!


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