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Virtual Panels?

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I'm interested in possibly hosting a virtual panel for Fanime 2021. Does anyone know if/when information about hosting will be released? Has anyone reached out or been contacted about hosting their previously approved panels this year?

I believe FanimeCon is still working on figuring out the details for this year. I have zero doubt that they'll announce once they're ready.

Fort those who may have also been wondering, the FanimeCon Panels Twitter posted this shortly after I made this post:

"Hello everyone!  We are hard at work getting the Panels website and submission form up and running for virtual FanimeCon.  It should go live within the next few days. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience so far."

So it looks like we'll get an announcement soon!

I'm just wondering what exactly is the format they want us to follow gonna be. Some cons will simply just host from the Twitch stream of the panelist while others want a pre-recorded video sent in advanced.

As well as what we are allowed to do and how to do it.

Ahem, I should try, thanks for the answer.


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