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My Hero Academia Q&A Panel 2022 (TBA)


Hi, my name is, Dani and I've been a cosplayer for 9 years and have been attending Fanimecon since 2015! I love BNHA and have always wanted to host a BNHA panel!
I've hosted panels in the past and would love to host a BNHA Panel next year. I hosted a Percy Jackson panel and a Voltron panel, the other being the most popular of the two. With the con being officially announced and hopefully being back in person, I'd love to be able to host a panel again!

For those who are wondering what fan panels I have run at Fanimecon, I have run: Welcome to Camp Half-blood in 2017 and Voltron Family Vacation in 2018.

Panel Info:

I'd love for the panel to be mostly Q&A with some games included and for the panel to be an hour and a half and hopefully on the second day of the con! I'd also love to include trivia and have prizes! I was thinking instead of everyone being in their school uniforms, we could all wear the P.E uniforms instead!

Characters needed:

I'm not entirely sure how many panelist I can have but, I would love to have as many people as possible!

Contact Info:
Insta: dani.c.cosplays(best way of contacting me)
Email: ( I don't check this as often, but I understand not everyone has an Instagram)
Discord: dani.c.cosplays#4320

Panelist requirements:

I won't have auditions but, I would love it if people can confirm 100% if they are attending the con by maybe the end of the summer so that I can spend time actually planning the panel, as I do have two cons between the end of the year and a few months ​before Fanime. 

Google form for those interested in being in the panel:


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