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Does anyone know why so few hotels are available this year through Fanimecon/CMR? Only six this time 'round, and only one that isn't near the convention center.   ???

Anyways, this question is for those that stayed at the Hilton attached to the convention center. How is parking, enough spaces? Are there in and out privileges? How'd you like the hotel in general?

Regardless of all that, I look forward to attending this year! It was very strange not being able to go last year.

No idea on the shortage of hotels, but if I had to guess it's still covid stuff.

I've stayed at both the Hilton and the Marriott connected to the con center. The Hilton does have in and out privileges but does cost a decent amount (their website says $30 but I have no clue if it's daily or for the whole stay.) The parking is underground, but separated off from the rest of the con parking underground. It might be cheaper to just buy the week long pass from the con parking center.

Stay wise, I enjoyed the hilton. It wasn't too loud and the beds were fine. Lots of space in the room to place things for cosplay/things bought from the halls. I really enjoy the doubletree the most, but not being within walking distance of the con is just too much of a turn off.

Thank you! I'll see if I can get the Hilton then, if there's any rooms left once my block comes up. I'm sure it'll come down to luck though, as my block is in the afternoon, and the Hilton is one of the first hotels to get filled up, haha! I've never stayed that close to the con before, so it would be a nice change to not have to wait for shuttles this year.

And yeah, it's $30 a day for parking, but if you can get the hotel through Fanimecon, it's $15 a day, which is much better.

Keep in mind compared to years previous - hotels in Downtown San Jose have had a very odd run through the pandemic are going to be different than before for a little while.  They're only now starting to spin back up to any form of occupancy.

Additionally, the Fairmont San Jose has been closed since last March when it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  It has since emerged with a new management contract and is slated to open sometime this year (2022) under "Signia Hilton San Jose" branding.  That's a huge chunk of rooms that are still a bit of an unknown at this time, not to mention how panels may shakeout without their ballrooms.  Of course, if that does reopen in a couple months, that could be a lot more housing added sometime later and panels may be business as usual - who knows.

Seems like as of today all hotels are already booked? Is that even possible? Or did they only have a certain number of rooms available for today's booking windows and only those are booked?

Just kinda worried since my group can't book til tomorrow.


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