Non-US Attendee: Artist Alley Application

Started by lyraart, February 12, 2022, 03:39:35 PM

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Hi! I'm an artist based in Istanbul, Turkey. Me and my friend applied for Fanime, which will be our first convention in US. While applying, we noticed the results will be announced in 8 weeks (1 month before Fanime). While we truly understand that this con is run by fans for fans and judging SOOO many artists can take so much time! We were wondering how many weeks it usually takes for results to be announced?
Since, we need to buy oversea tickets + apply for a visa which takes around 2 months for embassy results. We were wondering if there could be a smallest chance for Fanime stuff to give priority to oversea artists evaluation even if it's not positive. Ofc, we have no intention of being unfair to other fellow artists 😔 I already mailed fanime but never received a reply back.
In short: Is there any oversea artist who attended Fanime before? Any tip is very appreciated! (Seller's permit, hotels etc anything!)
Thank you in advance!


Hello, you aren't likely to get an answer here either, these forums aren't very active anymore. I think your best bet is to keep trying with their different emails or to ask in the facebook group. Maybe even try tweeting them. Fanime is generally very slow to respond to anything. I wish you luck though.
What's a cosplay lol