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So I recently looked at the new on the front page and saw that you have to be vaccinated just to go to Fanime this year...
I tried emailing them about getting a refund but haven't heard anything back, it's dumb I've been waiting to go for 2 years now and I won't vaccinate just to attend. Does anyone know if they will refund since it's been this long?
Please help.

Your best bet will likely be a chargeback if you can't get ahold of them. I'm about to find out myself as with their latest update, they doubled down on the nonsense.

How do we do a chargeback? I've emailed twice and on 2 separate emails that they have on the site. Things aren't even at it's worst, Sac Anime just updated their policy and said they aren't asking for proof of anything just as long as you wear a mask.

I hear you, Fanime is being absurd with this stuff. Anyways, you'll have to contact your credit card company to initiate a chargeback. When you do, be clear that you contacted Fanime twice, and got no response, and that you are seeking a refund because they changed their policy for attendance after you already paid(no need for details here unless they ask). Basically that means you agreed to the terms, paid, then they changed the terms afterwards. The credit card companies really only care to see that you did what you could within reason, and could not settle the matter due to the other party(Fanime) not cooperating. That should be enough to get the credit card company to back you and get your refund. This no guarantee, but it's the only recourse we've got.

Thank you for your help, I will do that and hopefully I can get my money back. Hope to see you at future Fanime's :D I was considering going as Poison Ivy or Ursula from little mermaid but oh well maybe next time


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