Fanime 2022 Event Plans

Started by Ecchi ja Nai, April 04, 2022, 01:27:49 AM

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Ecchi ja Nai

Has anyone heard about plans for either MusicFest of Swap Meet this year?  I'm sure trying to organize either of those two events would have been extremely difficult with how the last two years have gone, but those have been the biggest draws for me the last few years and I'm hoping that that'll both be included in some form this year.  With less than two months to go and still without any announcements in the forums or on the main page, I'm thinking that they might be casualties of circumstances.  I am super stoked to see Aoi Yuki announced as a GoH, so I suppose there's still hope for some additional exciting news.


Convention is less than a month away and still no word.. I have a lot of stuff I was hoping to unload at the swap meet but who knows if it'll actually happen. I tried to email them for answers but never got a reply.  :'(