Packing Rations for Hotel

Started by therealdjpocky, April 06, 2022, 02:01:15 PM

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Hey all! I recently asked my Cosplay Gatherings squad this on Discord, but I was interested if anyone here has go to, low-prep con food they typically bring with them for the weekend. Right now I'm considering Larabars and a couple cans of Mr. Boyardee to get me started.

And if you say instant noodles I will pap you with a pillow. Just kidding! ;D
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I bring Premiere Protein shakes. They keep me full and are tasty. I'll also bring peanut butter and crackers.
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WAY LATE to this thread, but some ideas:

- instant noodles OKAY instant noodles, but hear me out: the bowls of tonkotsu ramen from Costco are god-tier and make a decent meal on their own
- beef jerky, nuts, trail mix, any snacky thing with protein
- fresh or dried fruits so you can get that fiber in
- protein shakes are also god-tier to keep you going
- any kind of bar food, like you are already thinking: Larabars, Kind bars, Cliff bars, whatever your preferred bar
- I have a friend who brings those pre-packed crustless PB&Js. I've also been known to bring a loaf of bread, peanut butter, and something sweet (jam if you have a fridge, honey if not)
- If you have a fridge in your hotel, you can upgrade to lunch meats and such
- Also can bring salads, yogurts, and other fridged things if you have a fridge