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Refund or Badge Rollover to 2023?


Hello I've sent several emails and haven't gotten a response back.

My partner and I got badges for Fanime 2020 which due to covid we're roled ovwr to 2021 and now 2022.

However it seems that Fanime 2022 is missing so many features like music fest, masquerade and even the FMV contest is it possible to rollover our badges to 2023?

My wife and I also still do not feel safe going to Fanime due to covid restrictions and how many people attend. But also the fact that we paid full price but it seems we are only getting half of a conventions worth.

Would like a response, thank you.

I have now sent 3 emails and am now going to post on the forums.and twitter so I can get a response.

Fanime has your money, so they don't care about you now.


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