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Karaoke 2022?

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Hey there! Will the karaoke room be appearing at this year's con? Will there be an Acoustikaraoke contest again?

Hi there!

More information will be coming very soon but Karaoke will be returning in full this year, with all of our contests also making a full return.

Masks will be required in all of our events, even when singing, so please practice accordingly!

Where can I find the karaoke rules?
How many songs do we have to have prepared?
Is there a way to find out if you have a good backing for a song before con?
Is the karaoke contest sign up set up yet?
Can you participate in more then one of the contests?
This is the first year I've considered participating in the contest so I don't know really anything about it...
Thank you for your time.

For my Acoustikaraoke entry, I'd like to set up my voice-looper to create my own background track as part of the live performance. I would need to be able plug my device into a power source and the sound system (XLR preferred, can do 1/4"). Would this be doable? Would I need to bring fairly long cordage, or can the proper plugins be reached just within the immediate staging area?

Thank you!

Will there be online signups for the karaoke contest this year, or only at-con? Assuming it's tomorrow at 6pm like previous years?


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