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Looking for Opinions on going to fanime alone

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Well yeah. You do get the feeling of being lonely when you're just wandering around without an objective in mind. I felt that way a few times hence why I plan out my weekend to know what I'm doing. But it's also about testing your limits. You might find something of value when you step outside your comfort zone. It's why I try doing different events like masquerade and panels. Thus it's important to remember we're all at the same convention and we're all nerds here. No need to be afraid to share what you like there.

I'll need to see what they have. Last I checked, the events this year didn't catch my interests. That's a me problem. But if I do the basic dress up and walk around and do nothing else I'll need to get over it. Thanks again for your input.

Best of luck and hopefully you find what you're looking for.

Pre-COVID, I've been going alone to Fanime for many years now (post-college). The people that I used to go with either moved or moved on from anime in general but I still liked to go for a handful of personal traditions that I liked to keep. Anime Hell, Studio Sokodei, people watching, checking out the video rooms, browsing the dealer's hall and gaming room. Stuff like that.

It was always a bit weird. The general population would all be around the same age range and I got older and older as the years passed. It gets harder and harder to keep up with all of the latest shows, so a lot of the cosplays and merch I see just goes over my head because I most likely haven't heard about it or know about it. It's been a bittersweet thing for me. I go, I enjoy it, I do what I want to do, but I often feel disconnected from it all. Like an alien or an outsider observing it, you know? That doesn't necessarily bother me, though, so I can't say you'd experience the same thing as I have.

If you go, just do your best and have as much fun as you want to. I personally am not going this year because I don't feel comfortable going back to pre-COVID conventions with COVID still very much around and causing trouble. Maybe next year things will be a bit better, but no con for me this year. First time since around 2005/2006 that I haven't gone.

Good luck to you! Stay safe out there!

Long story short of when going solo:
You have the most freedom of choice. The major caveat is you cannot the share the thorough experience you preferred with others in doing so. After all, everyone here has a variety of reactions toward a myriad of events.


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