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Author Topic: Fanime's new policies about mandatory COVID vaccinations, and no refund policies  (Read 1377 times)

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Mega Events are defined as events with a thousand people or more, so Fanime is classified as a “Mega Event”
Here are the current guidelines for an event this size:

Federal Guidelines:
- No vaccination requirements
- No mask requirement
- Negative test is ALLOWED

State Guidelines: https://covid19.ca.gov/mega-events/#indoor-events
- No vaccination requirements
- No mask requirement
- Negative test is ALLOWED

Santa Clara Local Guidelines: https://www.santaclaraca.gov/i-want-to/stay-informed/coronavirus-updates/county-and-state-public-health-orders
- No vaccination requirements
- No mask requirement
- Negative test is ALLOWED

Fanime is disallowing all medical/personal/religious exemptions.
Fanime is disallowing proof of negative covid results.
Fanime is requiring masks.
Fanime is requiring multiple shots and boosters, even if you have adverse reactions to it, and in spite of the numerous side effects people are getting from them, like persistent rashes, heart problems, blood clots and strokes.

None of these policies are required by ANY state, local, or federal agencies.

Fanime is also not responding to people (8 emails and counting with no reply from them), and is not issuing refunds to people, even though they have already taken our money.

Fanime has NEVER required any type of vaccination or shot in previous years, and this was never a condition of entry in any year, or when many of us purchased our ticket in 2019.

That means this year, even if you have an active covid infection, you can go!
Getting the shots doesn’t stop you from being sick, but as long as you got the required number of shots in your body, it’s fine!

Totally fine right? Is anyone else ticked off they can't go this year because of these policies? I'd be less mad if they gave me a refund, but they don't even want to do that.


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FanimeCon has made the decision to have these policies in place. We also have decided to not have further discussion on this topic in this forum.

This thread is locked and we ask you to respect the decision of the convention with respect to our policies and our management of this platform.
Eric Wu
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