Acoustikaraoke/Open Mic - Lyrical Content

Started by Mankan Chayor, April 30, 2023, 08:49:19 AM

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Mankan Chayor

I have a handful of fan songs I've written that I'd like to perform at one or both of these events, but some of them have lyrics that are...not explicit but have a lot of comical double entendre, like in a burlesque sort of way. Is there a guideline for what kind of lyrics are allowed?

(Also, how long is your allotted time slot for Open Mic and when's a good time to come sign up? The last time I was able to get a slot in at Open Mic was probably before the expansion was built, lol!)


From a DM from the karaoke co-head:
Quotegenerally we don't really screen for lyrics, fan songs are always allowed, when people are courteous enough to ask i usually tell them to do racier songs after 9-10 p.m. when the vibe is a bit more receptive, but it would also be fine during the acousikaraoke contest block. ultimately use your best judgement.
also like maybe look at the event description for dumpsterfire and see if you think you might have an act that fits that show. (the sign up forms will be up soon)

open mic is first come first serve and you must wait until after you sing your song to sign up again

Mankan Chayor

Thanks for your response! I did consider Dumpsterfire but I'm not sure my songs are intentionally cursed enough for that event, from what I've read about the former Gong Show. Unless the feel of the event has changed? I'll wait for signups and see!

Also, to clarify, does each person get one song per slot at open mic before they'd have to sign up again, rather than a timeslot of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc?