2023 COVID Policy

Started by JimTobal, May 18, 2023, 08:45:53 PM

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I'd like to check if the COVID policy page is fully updated. I was surprised to see that full vaccination and boosters are still required (at this point it will mean I am unable to attend the event).

I noticed that the top half of the page looks updated (at least one date does) but the bottom half looks old and talks about rolling over to 2023 and deadlines to get in touch by May 29, 2022.

Can you confirm either way on this?



There was a news announcement linked on the main page on May 15th with the list of requirements:

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Thanks, @HunterZero - that seems a bit more conclusive there; sounds like the same policy as last year is still in effect this time.

Welp, I guess that means I can't go, in that case. I guess I'll wait and see what options I have to roll over (and hope things change for next time).

@Mods/Team - appreciate this policy is your decision as the hosts of a private event; is there anywhere that you've explained the reasons behind the policy choices here? (More out of curiosity than anything else)


I haven't seen any updates to the rollover section of the website so have just sent them an e-mail to find out what options there are (if anyone else is in the same place as me).