FanimeCon 2023 - Sumo & Cthulhu For President - Panels Streaming on Twitch

Started by HunterZero, May 24, 2023, 08:33:30 PM

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I will be attempting to stream my non-18+ panels on twitch again this year!
All times Pacific

Friday, May 26 @ 3:30PM - Sumo! You Should Watch Sumo!
You should watch Sumo!
There has never been a better time to start watching Sumo! Recently, there have been an increasing number of ways available to international viewers to watch this exciting and dynamic sport. Come learn the basics, ways to watch, and how to appreciate Sumo!

Saturday, May 27 @ 12PM - Cthulhu For President!
Cthulhu for President! Why choose the lesser evil? The longest running campaign in anime convention history continues! This will be our 15th year at FanimeCon! Come see why it's all your fault that Cthulhu still hasn't won the Presidency!

Cthulhu for President!
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