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Started by VincentTroyWilliams, October 07, 2023, 03:51:01 PM

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I would like to rent a room or space at Fanime in order to setup backdrops for cosplay photoshoots for anyone attending Fanime.

Is this possible? What form do I need to fill out? Or email address I need to contact?

I am planning on building a few PVC pipe racks to hang painted cloths on with a few cardboard attachments. I have different scenes in mind to display, either one at a time or all at once, depending on the size of the rented area.

The goal being to allow cosplayers to come and get their photo taken in different scenes, instead of in the tiny courtyard to the left of the convention entrance. I would not be providing any camera/video service. Just painted backdrops. The Cosplayers can take their own photos.

I would like to either rent one of rooms that panels are held in or space in the big tent.

If this is possible, what are the rules for charging money? If I can't charge money, am I allowed to ask for donations/tips?

Thank you.


It's probably more likely you could buy a booth in the vendor's hall instead, but the lighting in there is pretty awful. Maybe suggest an event? Occupying a room for the full duration is very unlikely.


An event works, but does feel that classifing my request as an event, makes it bigger than I am intending.

My thought was a "Panel": a limited time slot in one of the rooms.

Do you have an info on requesting an event? I will also post in the event forum.


This sounds more like it would be a "fan event" rather than a panel, as in the panel rooms you can't move anything or change the room setup.  (heck, the union convention center equipment guy didn't even like that I was connecting my own computer to the projector last year - which almost ALL panelists do - but he just had a stick up his rear and it was no big deal like in every year before)

Fan events are similar to panels in that you are allotted a time slot but they are in open rooms that allow you to have a custom setup configuration.  As with panels, registration opens far closer to the convention date, usually a couple months into the year.

Also I'm not staff, but I can tell you from my convention experience that you wouldn't be able to charge money any type of event like that within Fanime.
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A Fan Event sounds like what I am looking to do. I will keep checking the website for when regrestration of Fan Events becomes open.

Thank you.