2024 Adventure Time/Fionna & Cake Gathering?

Started by UwUvon, February 11, 2024, 09:23:29 PM

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This Gathering Includes: Any and all the humans, creatures, princess, candy and more from the Land of Ooh and beyond!

Day : TBD
Time : TBD
Meeting Place : TBD
Location : TBD

Cosplayers :
UwUvon as Fionna

Legal Statement-Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photo Order (tentative!)
1. Group shot
2. Adventure Time
3. Distant Lands
4. Fionna & Cake
5. Humans
6. Princesses/Royalty
7. Heroes
8. Villains
9. Creatures
10. Group photo

Link to Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/7TyLICqvR

Link to other gathering relevent things :
@UwUvon on instagram at twitter for direct contact and real time updates

News of the gathering :
Been hosting gatherings for a little bit!
Fanime 2024 Line up
Haru, Fionna, Senior Witch and Shane Medej