Silver Island Suggestions

Started by zakueins, March 11, 2024, 05:04:02 PM

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It may be too late to have any real alterations for this year (the Doubletree? AGAIN?!?), but for 2025, I'd like to see the following fixes...

1)Stick Silver Island at the Hyatt or the Fairmont. It's closer and easier to get to, which deals with the whole shuttle-bus problem. I'd prefer that it was at the Convention Center, but I can understand there are issues.
2)Start the Silver Island Dealer's Room earlier, perhaps at 6pm.
3)Four programming tracks-two yaoi, one yuri, one everything else. "X"-rated material after 7 pm, unrated/NC-17 after 10 pm.
4)Have more non-yaoi vendors in the Dealer's Room, especially artists and manga.
5)Do some adult panels, like "how rope bondage really works," "how to be adult without being creepy in your stories," "how male and female sexuality and sex really works," or "where is the line in story writing between 'negotiated consent' and 'forced consent' and 'rape'"?

I'm glad that Silver Island is back, I'm just afraid that it'll be turned into a niche event that will die very quickly.

Nina Star 9

I'm curious about the semantics here: what's the difference in your mind between X rated and NC-17 rated content? In my mind they're the same thing or even reversed from how you have it, since NC-17 was the movie rating that replaced X due to X becoming associated with pornography. Not nitpicking, I'm genuinely curious where you're drawing the distinction.

As for programming, I think that's a great idea to have adult-oriented panels. The problem there is that Fanime panels are submitted by attendees unless put on by a guest, so there would need to either be someone willing and able to put on similar panels. It's too late this year since panel applications have closed, but maybe you can find people willing (or do it yourself?). The other option would be to push for Fanime to have adult-oriented guests who can provide similar panels, but....well, I don't see this con doing that haha.