Fanime Founder AMA

Started by Narutakikun, May 13, 2024, 05:25:44 PM

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Hi, all!

I'm a founding member of FanimeCon and was chairman of Fanime 1995. If anyone is interested, you can AMA about the early days of Fanime, the anime scene in the 1990s, or anything else you'd like.


I don't have any specific questions but I think that would be a great idea for a panel. It would also be neat to see old stuff from back in the day, like program books, photos of guests and venues, etc. if you still have those. A lot of anime convention history is disappearing. Many people who started up regional anime clubs back in the day are no longer with us. Sharing and preserving this kind of history is always welcome.


I kinda agree, I noticed a growing trend of anime conventions I once visited are now gone. WE almost lost Asahicon due to the pandemic, but there were other wonderful conventions as well I missed. KRAKENcon was one of them. THey treated the artist and dealers hall nicely.

Another was Jtaf...yoaicon....AOD... 

I already know why the Jtaf and aod are gone, and kraken con as well...

I am not sure how the convention venues are treating it more respectful if anyone wanted to host their own con without breaking their own bank wallet and loans!

I mean you guys are going to host a panel about this..right?