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Started by ranma12, July 21, 2004, 01:43:25 PM

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Hi guys! Long time no see/post!...

I check this thread every so often for any new posts and to visit the links that were posted... And a thought occured... has TokyoPop done anything new in the .hack book world? Look@this: .hack//AI Buster!!! Says it will be released this August for $7.99! Looks like the rumors were true! And if that was true, then what about ZERO?

Anyone's thoughts on this?


Wow, that looks really cool. I'll have to look into that the next time I stop be a Borders or BnN.
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That is sweet! Now I have some more .hack goodness to look forward to! Thanks for the heads up. :D


Either/Or AI Buster or ZERO is only 2 volumes long. I guess the pricing suits the type of book it is... novel without the "graphic" part. ^_^

I have a question to any and all who care to answer:
I, for one, never knew that GN 1&2 were available in color. That is to say, the first few pages were printed in color. Through e-mails with TokyoPop, they said it was available, but only in the first printing of the volumes. Who here has those "color" volumes and how/where did you find them? I hope some still exist so as i can get my hands on them. *grr* how could i have missed them? >: \

Also: I've been looking everywhere for those cool .hack gashapon/capsule toys. I know there are 10 in total among two sets. Does anyone have an idea where I can find either volume/set. The first set has Black Rose, Elk, Gardenia, and the infected(orange) Kite <here>. And the second set has Tsukasa, Subaru, Black Rose, Balmung, and Kite in two versions(normal=green, and infected=orange) <here>. Again, I'm searching the all over the internet for them. I hope they'll show up at Fanime.



OMG! I CAN'T KEEP THIS INSIDE, just had to share:.hack//Tasogare no yubiwa densetsu "Legend of the Twilight Ring" SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!


Quote from: "ZJCitrusGraffiti"OMG! I CAN'T KEEP THIS INSIDE, just had to share:.hack//Tasogare no yubiwa densetsu "Legend of the Twilight Ring" SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!

that was .hack// can get that on DVD now.
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Quote from: "RyuHayabusa"
Quote from: "ZJCitrusGraffiti"
OMG! I CAN'T KEEP THIS INSIDE, just had to share:.hack//Tasogare no yubiwa densetsu "Legend of the Twilight Ring" SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!
that was .hack// can get that on DVD now.
oops...  :oops: I'm sorry about that mistake. For a moment there it felt like the .hack saga hasn't finished its run yet. gomen nasai


Ok its not .hack but it's related in a way.

If you are a fan of Yuki Kajiura who did the music for .hack//sign you can hear her on the new anime Tsubasa Chronicle ( ). She does the score for it and so far it sounds awesome. (FYI - someone else does the opening and closing themes)

Plus the anime company that is producing Tsubasa Chronicle is Bee Train ( ) the same company that did .hack!

I just downled the first epsiode last night and there are currently 5 available subbed. I havent got to watch all of it yet but it looks cool. It is a CLAMP anime based on their manga by the same title. It uses existing character designs (Sakura and Syaoran from Card Captor Sakura as an example) from many different CLAMP series in an alternate universe setting.


Quote from: "RyuHayabusa"that was .hack// can get that on DVD now.
I know where I messed up the translation: "yubiwa" isn't "bracelet"

Mordyan: Does producing Tsubasa mean Bee Train will be "drawing" the anime? ....Or what? I always confuse what producing means. ^^;; Does that mean the eyes will be drawn similar to .hack?


Quote from: "ZJCitrusGraffiti"Mordyan: Does producing Tsubasa mean Bee Train will be "drawing" the anime? ....Or what? I always confuse what producing means. ^^;; Does that mean the eyes will be drawn similar to .hack?

I this case the production means that the same artists, techniques, and quality control are used. However the character designs are usually supplied by the original creator.

What this means in this case, is that the charcters are very much CLAMP characters. But you can see Bee Train in the background designs for sure and well as the production quality.

I am up to episode 6 now and I like it alot so far. Though some people on the AnimeSuki boards are un-happy with it when they compare it to the manga.


*dang* Finding them .hack//PS2 games are hard!!! >.< I soo love .hack in its entirety, that I don't know if I can call myself a fan if I don't have all its incarnations!!! First was the LE DVDs of .h//SIGN(missing #1), then was the GNs(am re-buying all 3, 'cuz I didn't know they all came out with colored "pin ups"), and at about the same time as the GNs were the PS2 games and the gashapon/capsule toys....  NOW I'm debating whether or not I should even consider the .h//DUSK anime since that's really not part of the .hack saga... or at least the manga has a difinitive ending. I'm at odds over that. This thread's reply one way or the other could get me to add even more .hack items onto my fanime wishlist. ^^;;

Special E3 site for
It has something about a .hack//G.U. and the site will be offling on Friday. Sorry for the late notice. I first thought it was some spoiler for the PS2 games and I soo dislike spoilers. ^^;;; (the site's song is very pretty, btw. piano always is)

Unofficial Fansite:
I wish someone would have told me about this site sooner.  :cry:  Now it's posted for all to share. They even have that info about A.I. Buster sooner than I did here.

....hmm... and I feel as if I didn't get to say what I originally came here to say but got sidetracked and said all this instead. *feels absent-minded*  :shock:


YAY!!! A new .hack game. Thanks for the info!  :D Here is a press release announcing the game and when it is supposed to come out (2006):


I REMEMBER!!! It was to say that Decipher won't be making anymore .hack//ENEMY TCG cards anymore!!!  :cry:  I know that, for me, I usually won't begin buying a series unless I can see the "end", so for that main reason, I never began buying ENEMY in the first place, but now that I've heard that news, it makes me sad and makes me want to go out and find all the theme decks before they're gone for good. ...And probably clean out a card store of their supply of booster packs. XD Sorry for being the bringer of bad news.


Hmm, looks like the thread is dying...

I wanna ask all other .hack-fans if it would be "unfaithful" to the entire series if one didn't buy an incarnation of .hack?? Specifically, the .hack//DUSK anime. The anime doesn't really belong in the story/timeline of .hack. It's just an alternate story because the manga didn't come out that fast at the time. Opinions? Thoughts? (any are welcome)

And I've also got a question about .hack//SIGN... and it may be a ***SPOILER!!!***

Tsukasa in the real world, was a comatose girl, and Tsukasa in The World was having flashbacks of being (physically?) abused by who I assume was his/her (sorry, but SIGN has warped my itty-bitty mind and I still think of Tsukasa as a "guy" :shock:  ) father/dad when s/he was younger.  I hope I have all the facts straight first before I actually go onto my question, which is: Do you think that the reason why Tsukasa couldn't remember how he logged onto The World in the first place was because his/her father beat him/her up soo hard, the truama experienced by Tsukasa somehow made a seemless transition from being online(in The World) to being online/hooked up in a hospital room?? Or that s/he knew s/he WAS on a computer, but his/her father's hitting(if it was, indeed, physical abuse) had somehow caused amnesia and NOW couldn't remember where s/he is?? In any case, when the fact that Tsukasa was in a coma in real life was realized in The World, that only gave me another reason to make Bear a favorite character of mine.
Reason #1: "Oh, I am gentle, but not a pushover." - Bear, to BT
Reason #2: Bear offered to adopt Tsukasa.

Well, that's all I had in mind to say. See ya'll later.





We gotta play this.  And I'm gunna request to start the official Crimson Knights Group


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.Hack//FRAGMENT is the newest and hottest thing expected by all .Hack fans!  Do check it out!

I know I'm psyched about it.  Are you? X3
Cosplays for '10?  WHO KNOWS!?!



That is what we have all been waiting for... No?

Now we can all play and have coma inducing seizures as a result of some wayward AI...
It all really depends how well the lies are told...


um, guys...?? ^^;;; I had asked some questions in my previous two posts.... I feel like I'm being ignored... Answers please?

BTW: about .hack//G.U.
It takes place some seven years after .hack//DUSK, it's THREE GAMES LONG, and each disk is a STAND-ALONE story(unlike the first PS2 games, which was basically 1 big story on four disks). G.U. may or may not be for the PS2. (maybe PS3?)
Also, there MAY BE a con-current anime/manga in the works to be released when the games come out.

Hope this helps everyone.
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