Gensomaden Saiyuki

Started by hellangel, December 01, 2004, 07:07:41 PM

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Hey, anyone who likes (or wants to know about) Saiyuki, drop a reply!
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I only like Gaiden and Stigma by that person. Sorry but I pass on the overly popular series.
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I do.

Ah, I think my favorite line from that series has to go...

Gojyou: You can't tell me that chick didn't turn you on at all. Unless you're a homo. Are you? Better watch my ass!

Sanzo: Can I shoot him?! -vein pulse-

Goku: Homo Sausage?

...Goku's line just.. is hilarious.. XD


Hakuryu goes poof and wa-la we have a jeep.


Yeah, I'm an idiot.


lol the first time i saw the anime (and before i read the manga), i didn't know jeep was hakuryu. so when hakkai made his appearance in ep 1, my reaction was "wtf he talks to his car"
but i soon learned that jeep was actually hakuryu ^__^ yay

hakkai is so awesome...he was basically the reason the four of them got together, right? at least, that's what i think. he's relationship with his sister was watered down in the anime, though- he says that she loved him and that she was like his sister.

goku has the funniest lines XD
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Wai! Saiyuki!

Hakkai is cool, but I also like Kougaiji. He reminds me of Kyo from King of Fighters.


*nods* yeah, he's hot =3 he's also great because he's actually fighting for a good cause- he's a "bad guy" because he's after the scrolls, but that's only out of the love and devotion he has for his friends and family. he's really not "bad." ^___^
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