So...where do you buy your anime?

Started by yOna, January 02, 2005, 12:14:31 AM

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Quote from: "RyuDOA2Hayabusa"Mine's either Best Buy or Fry's Electronics for the physical stores, and for online, :D
I sometime buy from Fry's, and Best Buy, but the ones in my area (South L.A.County) seem to have a limited selection.
I've had better luck finding titles from Jungle Anime(for both domestic, and imports), DVD Planet, and Sam Goody.  Suncoast is good, but there isn't one near me.

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i buy my anime at Nykaku or Best Buy.....yep....  :)
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Well, today I found a new place to buy some Anime...
While shopping a a local Big Lot's store, I accidently ran across some VIZ DVD's, and VHS.  I actualy found some Ranma 1/2, Trouble Chocolate, Corrector Yui, Yu Gi Oh, Zoids, and Hamtaro volumes, for the low price of $3.99!  ( okay, so I passed up the Hamtaro DVD's).
 I've also seen ADV DVD's at Walgreens, but they usualy run at $9.99, and are mostly their non-Anime titles.


Ebay.  Lots and lots of Ebay.  Stuff can be generally found for less there, especially if it's an older release (instead of online and offline anime shops that'll still charge you 25 bucks for a DVD that's four years old) and there's always competition for the best deal, so chances are you can pay less there.

Otherwise, anime castle.  Very good deals, pretty good selection.
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Let's dvds from different places: best buy, suncoast, sometimes target (mostly for the more recent inuyasha volumes), manga: borders, barnes and noble, and the Kinokunia in Japantown or in San Jose; along with Suncoast when they have deals. Merchandise: Suncoast or comic shops, and of course cons...the Mitsua Japanese market in San Jose has a nice store in it too. Also, online I order from animenation. So there ya go :)

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Like lots of people, I'd rather actually see the product before I plunk down for it, so I generally prefer a real-live store  to shopping online.  Japan Video in SF is a favorite of mine, and also where I do a lot of renting.  I occasionally enjoy browsing among the bootlegs in Chinatown in SF, too, although I don't  buy bootlegs.  I mostly just like to compare the stuff that's available out of Taiwan or HK that doesn't get licensed for stateside release.

I've gotten some very good deals on some legit products from eBay and Amazon.  Good choices for used copies of older stuff.

ChibiSerenaChan they have anime for a pretty good price. and i go to the common or other then that the rest at anime cons XD
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It varies for me. I might get it at my workplace, Tower Records, or Gamestop or Best Buys. It just how I am able to get them will determine how I will get them. Yup.


Quote from: "KyraEnsui"It varies for me. I might get it at my workplace, Tower Records, or Gamestop or Best Buys. It just how I am able to get them will determine how I will get them. Yup.
Gamestop?  That would be the LAST place I'd buy from.  Did you ever notice when you buy something "new" off the shelf, the package is open?
I,ve had freinds buy stuff from them that were supposed to be new, and didn't have inserts, or instructions.


Best Buy and Suncoast for me.  
G.I.R about Gamestop where you talking about video games, DVD's or both?


Both.  I've never seen an unopened video game, or rarely a DVD at Gamestop.  I've turned down purchases because the package the try to ring up has been obviousy opened (broken seals).  At least if I go to Game Crazy stores, you know up front that it's open/used.


I think the problem with buying DVDs from most Gamestops is that they don't specialize in DVD sales.  Because of that, they don't keep sealed DVDs behind the counter, like they do with the video games.  When they do sell DVDs, they have to remove the contents because the case will be placed in the DVD bin for display.  Then there's the whole issue of most if not all of those DVDs being trade-ins.  I've been to one Gamestop that sells brand-new, sealed DVDs and that's about it.



Okay, do I,ve posted before about finding VIZ DVD's at "Big lots", but that doesn't even match what I found there today.
Assorted Pioneer/Geneon titles for $3.99
Titles seen:
-Ai Yori Aoshi
-Captain Herlock
-Magical project S  ( a multi disk package)
-Sherlock Hound
-Serial Experiment Lain
-Lupin the Third TV
-Haibane Renmei
... and more titles than I can remember.  Sucky thing, several of these I have bought already at full price! ](*,)
I don't know if these are available nation wide, or if it's only in SoCal stores.  Anyone else seen these?

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I try to buy from Nikaku. I know I can count on them even if it's full price.
I like to patronize them as much as I can.
I don't trust fry's or gamestop for buying dvds. I've had bad experiences with both. I'd buy more from bestbuy if I could get there easily.
And I don't buy things online cause I can't...
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animenation is my primary store, but I sometimes buy from 2 ebay also


I usually buy from or ebay. Lots of ebay because it's so much cheaper but the wait just kills me.


I buy mostly from best buy (Prices are death! It's sooo expensive... T_T) and some from Barnes and Noble


For me, it's Best Buy; sometimes it's Media Play