Favorite Robot Anime Character!

Started by Jyunishinsho, March 14, 2005, 12:09:28 PM

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What is your favorite robotic anime character?

Any anime/manga will count, from humanoid types to big lunkers like Gundams or Evas.


I dont watch alot of anime that involves robots generally but Id have to say Dorothy from BIG O. A close second would be Chachamaru from MSN.


Personally I love all Giant Robots... :D ...but if I would have to break it down it would be (hope you're allowing Videogame ones too):

Xenogears from Xenogears, Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom, EVA 02, Arbelest..heh heh and Bonta-kun *glee*

Well there are more but I like those the most.  :D


:D I like the Flower Brigades litle chibi looking steam robots from Sakura Taisen.
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Giant Robo and the whole cast, specially GinRei(mmrowr) :D
All of Gundam(except G-Saviour, that was crap)
Mazinger Z
Astro Boy!
Eva of course
and Votron! Defender of The Universe :D
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I like 'em small and humanoid, personally.

I'm all for Kanchi, (AKA telebi-kun), the robot that pops out of Naota's head, Athenalike,  in FLCL.  Second (and more embarrassing) choice will have to be Honey Kisaragi.  Tied with Honey, but appealing in an entirely different way, is Arare from Dr. Slump.


Canti from FLCL and Banpei from Oh My Goddess!

Banpei is so cute... he draws on his face to show emotions. X3


Canti I agree with.

..but I haven't watched enough Anime with robots to name more.
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If I could only pick one from anime, It'd have to be Tetsuan Atom, having watched Astroboy as a kid (probably my first anime).  But... if I could pick any animated robot, It would have to be Bender from Futurama.   :D


I got me some favorites:

1.Alita and Den from Battle Angel Alita. (Technically not robots, but meh )
2.Giant Robo
3. All the Panda Z robots.
4.Mecha Tama from Love Hina
5. Gundam Heavy Arms Custom
There are more I'm sure but I can't think of em'.

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...you know, you wouldn't think that I'd be drawing a blank like this for this question... but let's see....

Well, there's the obvious Red Man, from "Robot Carnival", though his robot-ness is quite small.  Then there's some old-school, like 8-Man or Casshern... gotta love Flender (*sigh*  Why couldn't a robot Flender have been in the new live-action film.  O'well.).

*thinks*  Justice, from the live-action "Hakaider" film was neat looking... but I guess that isn't really anime....

Oh, I know... I'm afraid that I didn't watch "Big-O" enough to remember his name, but that piano playing robot was quite intriguing to me.  ^_^

Mmmm... robots....
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HMX-12 Multi.  No contest.

Quote from: "Ska_Kitti":D I like the Flower Brigades litle chibi looking steam robots from Sakura Taisen.
Those are called "koubu."  Well, on the average.  There are different series: koubu, koubu-kai, jinbu, koubu F, etc.



Quote from: "swordofthebezerk"4.Mecha Tama from Love Hina
Dude! How could I forget his battery powered awesomeness? Even though it was a small part.

Evangelion Xgouki

The Evangelions have to be #1 on my list  :D   Gotta love those giant, 40 meter tall clones of god.  The Gundams are next, with the ZGMF-X10A Freedom at the top of that list (the ones from G-Gundam...not there).  Oh, and of course Zero from the Megaman X series.  He just rocks.


Voltron (Lions and the Vehicle Team)
All Moblie Suits from Gundam 0079, 0080, 0083, 08th MS Team, Wing, X, Seed, ZZ,Z, Char's Counterattack, Turn A.
All Evas
All Aestivalis from Nadesico
Zero from Megaman X
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naomi armitage from armitage the third.


I almost forgot one more thing

All the Valkyries from Macross (aka Robotech)
You tame a dog with food, you tame a man with money, but you can never tame the wolf of Mibu (Miburo).


My favorite robot is CHI!!

Anyways my favorite robots:
Shadow Man and Yamato Man from the Megaman series
Turn A Gundam
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StarScream and Optimus Prime!  Those were the first robots that I ever watched, that and Voltron (which came first?)


I would still go with Chachamaru.