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What do you want to buy this Fanime?
-Go ahead, be realistic or unrealistic.

Realistic: For me, I would like to get a wooden sword or claws. (I saw claws last year. I want it this time 'round). Also, more manga, anime, preferably Negima!, Copic stuff, wall scrolls, more figures and figurines, and I'm set!

Unrealistic: Persocom or anything female that wants to fall in love. Wait, can I buy love? MEh, may depend on the perosn also....


--- Quote from: "Jyunishinsho" ---Wait, can I buy love?
--- End quote ---

Kanon and AIR all-ages ver. await ;) And if you're actually good at speaking Japanese, Clannad might be for you too!

If there are claws, I'll get to them before you :D I also want to complete my Azumanga Daioh DVD set with the last three DVDs. Oh, and having been enlightened to the subject of pencil boards, I'll be buying two of each one I for display, one for use <3

(ooc edit | I devwatched you, Jyun. :D)

Nina Star 9:
i want a region-free copy of V. that is all i want.

Realistic: Cat ears, posters, a Gaara plushie, swords and all that good stuff

Unrealistic: J-Rock in a can, a region free copy of Shimotsuma Monogatori, artistic Level ups

XD im silly


--- Quote from: "Nina Star 9" ---i want a region-free copy of V. that is all i want.
--- End quote ---

V as in the television show or V as in Versus?

V the television show, you might want to try a comic book convention.
V as in Versus, Media Blasters puts out a region 1 copy



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