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[idea] Iron Chef cooking compettition!

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after reading through the japanese cooking panel, i thought it would be really awesome to do - iron chef panel/cooking compettition!!!

you could either do it the way they do it on tv (where it's a random main ingredient and 2 or a few more compete in a limited amount of time), or make it some kind of big cooking compettition where there are different categories and a certain amount of people can enter to win prizes (i think this idea might work better).

for example, you could have the categories of

- sushi
- main japanese course
- japanese dessert

anyone could enter in either of these categories. there would be set rules such as a time limit, the amount of people you could have in a team/group, what equipment may/may not be used, etc. of course, people would provide their own equipment and ingredients.

at the end of the compettiton, there would be judges to grade the different foods based on presentation, taste, uniqueness, etc. you could even make some of the fanimecon guests judges!

i think it'd be a fun way to involve people more with japanese culture and learn new things.

Actually, I don't think it should just be limited to judges. Let the audience decide.

If this actually does take off. XD If so, I'll be there :D

*gasp* i would SO do it!!!

i'm in if it happens :D

Nina Star 9:
sounds good, but would be really really hard to pull off, i think. plus, no shellfish. ^^

i think the hard thing about letting the audience judge is that the contestants would have to make a CRAPLOAD of food to be able to let everyone taste some. that's why i think it'd be easier to just have a set amount of judges.  :)


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