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Help Judge The Hotties!

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My current style of art has been described as "Anime Pin-Ups" and I've been advised to "Sexify" the prettiest anime girls, then sell those peices at the Con... but I have weird taste, so I thought I'd ask you all what your votes are!

MeliCat aKa DJ Chobit

I go with Ultra Sexy and Hot. I know, Typical Male Behavior LOL  :P-fa, fa, fa!

I chose quiet and shy.  I guess I'm that kind of guy or something.  I might have chosen young and innocent, cuz I'm an avid Sakura-chan fan(so kawaii^^), but I don't wanna sound like a pedophelic person. :P  Each choice has some good qualities(I'm so undecided>.<')

*shrugs* Everyone has their own opinion. I like all the downcast ones...

 like Lain. Like that girl from Noir. like....ya.....

Marked "young and innocent," but my preference is more like something between that and "cute and sweet."  Never really been much of a fan of all out sex appeal, quite and shy is... alright, and so is fire-tempered and spicy (Asuka!!!!11 :mrgreen: ), but in the end, I like young, cute girls best.  And yes, I'm a proud pedophile.  Although that's not saying much because I'm 18. ^_^;


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