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Swords bizzatch!!!

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i am a ultimate collecteor of ssword last year at fanimecon i bout two practice ones for 30$ (not bad huh) but this year i hear theres not gonna be as many dealers for swords so umm yeah prove me wrong! by the way i'm new lol!

Hi I was one of the sword dealers last year, I was in the last row, I did run out last year of many items. So this year I will have a much larger selection along with some of the nicer items from LOTR, including the limited edition Sauron Gauntlet. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend

Jelly Soup:
I was told that there wasn't going to be any sword dealers this year (cause, ya know, there shouldn't be).....

Why aren't there supposed to be? I have been to one other con and there were two really good ones there, they were selling katana's and bokkens and all sorts of different kinds of swords. I want to buy one (I am going to be trainning with one soon) but do you need a license or is there an age limit?

you have to be like 18 ish


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