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Where exactly will Music Fest be held? And will it cost extra to get inside? Meaning, if I paid to get into Fanime, will I have to pay to get into Music Fest too?

MusicFest is at 6:30 in the Civic Auditorium. I don't think you have to pay; Your registration should cover it. Atleast, that's how it has been at the other cons.

yeah, i wonder what's going to happen, they posted that the beautiful losers aren't goign to perform, who's goign to fill the spot?

Unfortunately it was too close to the convention to fill it with anyone and get it coordinated in time. We still have:

Maria Yamamoto
Kumiko Kato
Ramen & Rice
and ZZ!

It's free to everyone with a FanimeCon badge. The show starts at 7:00 pm across the street at the Civic Auditorium.

I bailed from half when R&R were done. Very good! And they had those big overhead screens so those who wanted to jump in front did not obscure the view for those sitting. I think it was nice to let people to rave a little in front, AFAIK R&R like that. Tony, pass them my thanks for coming, pretty please? Aggregate with other fans is fine :-)


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