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Fanime 2006 Costume List

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Any plans for next year? Here's my list:

-Aion (Chrno Crusade)
-Demon Chrno (Chrno Crusade)
-Lulu (FFX)
-Black Mage (FF)

My husband and I decided that we should revive our old costumes since they were such a hit in 2003. : ) Look out for us.

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As to my list, tentatively.

Krad of D.N. Angel,
Rosetta from Chrono Crusade (I guess I'll have to play it?)
Well. I'm working on some ideas with Seifuku, Vinyl, leather, and other fun toys. :D

Jelly Soup:
I'll be returning as Generic Anime Catboy 2.0.

Ban Mido:
friends atr thinking of doing Get backers again and samurai deeper Kyo

out of those ill be going as - Ban Midou
                                       - Yukimura (SDK)

Sesshie's Nina:
Honestly, I'm open for new idea's. I know I want to do one from Naruto. My Kurenai costume was just didn't fit in all the places I NEEDED it to.....neway, I'll take any suggestions....preferably Sakura though. I already have a friend who's deticated to that one. But there are a few that I wanna try and tackle.

Sha Gojyo; Saiyuki (did it this year, awesome staff and costume, I just wanna update it)

Kenrin; Saiyuki (I'm a little worried about the bare chested thing)

Haruko; FLCL (did it last year, possible revamp if I can find a descant wig)

So yeah, I could use a little help with my indesicion for Naruto. Any suggestions are welcome!


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