Fanime 2006 Costume List

Started by Ska_Kitti, May 30, 2005, 11:25:22 PM

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Any plans for next year? Here's my list:

-Aion (Chrno Crusade)
-Demon Chrno (Chrno Crusade)
-Lulu (FFX)
-Black Mage (FF)

My husband and I decided that we should revive our old costumes since they were such a hit in 2003. : ) Look out for us.
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As to my list, tentatively.

Krad of D.N. Angel,
Rosetta from Chrono Crusade (I guess I'll have to play it?)
Well. I'm working on some ideas with Seifuku, Vinyl, leather, and other fun toys. :D
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Jelly Soup

I'll be returning as Generic Anime Catboy 2.0.

Ban Mido

friends atr thinking of doing Get backers again and samurai deeper Kyo

out of those ill be going as - Ban Midou
                                      - Yukimura (SDK)

Sesshie's Nina

Honestly, I'm open for new idea's. I know I want to do one from Naruto. My Kurenai costume was just didn't fit in all the places I NEEDED it to.....neway, I'll take any suggestions....preferably Sakura though. I already have a friend who's deticated to that one. But there are a few that I wanna try and tackle.

Sha Gojyo; Saiyuki (did it this year, awesome staff and costume, I just wanna update it)

Kenrin; Saiyuki (I'm a little worried about the bare chested thing)

Haruko; FLCL (did it last year, possible revamp if I can find a descant wig)

So yeah, I could use a little help with my indesicion for Naruto. Any suggestions are welcome!
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Quote-Aion (Chrno Crusade)
-Demon Chrno (Chrno Crusade)


Love ChrnoCrusade.  Will definately keep an eye out for you next year.  :D

Hm...for me:
Gurlukovich Soldier (Metal Gear Solid 2)
GRU Soldier (Metal Gear Solid 3)

Those two are definates.

Also going to get a Zaku from Naruto done because it's easy, but I didn't get it done this year, and I owe it to the Dosu to finish up the little trio.  :P a few other ones, but nothing concrete right now.

Actually, mostly this post was just to say I want to see your Chrno Crusade stuff.  ^^;  I'll just go...wander off now.

Nina Star 9

-"koe" tsukiko amano
-florina (legend of mana)
-sandra 9legend of mana)
-rachel (legend of mana)
-rei kurosawa (zero:shisei no koe)


I'm going as the horse from "Maiden of Deception." HA!

Anyone from the hentia room should get it..
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Blue Impulse

Blue Tunic Link w/ Iron boots, hook shot, and bag of bombs.
Dosu Kinuta from Naruto
*Maybe* Sakon from Naruto
and i'm sitting on some other ideas...
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malon fomr zelda - with lots of chickens!!!
tayuya from naruto


Woww. Next year's planning has already begun!

Well, I might do:
Inner Sakura from Naruto,
Hot!Gaara from Naruto,
Fuun/Yukie from Naruto,
Ryuuzaki Sakuno (or Tomo) from Prince of Tennis,
Dorochet from Fullmetal Alchemist,
or even Asakura Yoh from Shaman King.

I doubt I'll be able to do them all, but I will try at least Gaara and Fuun.
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Alphonse Elric (Suit Form)
Number 48 (The Slicer)
Number 66 (Barry the Chopper)

from fullmetal alchemist >_> im going to have a hard time making it since it would be my first time >_>


Quote from: "Ska_Kitti"Any plans for next year? Here's my list:

-Aion (Chrno Crusade)
-Demon Chrno (Chrno Crusade)
-Lulu (FFX)
-Black Mage (FF)

My husband and I decided that we should revive our old costumes since they were such a hit in 2003. : ) Look out for us.

Uuwaaaah, why wasn't anyone from Chrno this year? I was so lonely!

Anyway, um.... I'll probably do some sort of EGL costume next year, and I might go as Mr. 3 from One Piece. I'll definitely try to finish some sort of Naruto costume this year, too. I have somewhere around three that are in various degrees of completion. I might try to finish my DarkMercury costume this time around, too. Or maybe finish my MKR Hikaru. Aww, heck. I can never decide..... oh, and maybe I'll finish my Chrno costume PROPERLY so I can wear it again next year.
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Too many to name!!!!!


Who are you going to do from Chrno Crusade, CC? (Now that I've started watching it, I at least somewhat know what Rosette looks like!). I'll be doing Rosette as well as some EGL stuff myself (much as I did this year). Depending on the decisions of my team, I may also be reprising my role as Ed from FMA. (If I do, that may very well be my only male cosplay!)
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Sunara Ishi

Either Ren (Melty Blood) or Rodo (DGrayman). Still deciding. Probably Ren. I'm also debating Aria...just one of the undines.
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I'm doing... well.  A very, very anti-Naruto ninja. =)  If I don't end up doing it for AX instead.

Blue Impulse

Mk... so now i got...

Blue Link

those are all in the "75% chance" catagorey..
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so far i'm thinking for sure to do
Hyuuga Hinata (naruto)
Taichi Dan (Prince of Tennis)

and maaaaybe
Ayame (Furuba)
i'm still thinking though.....hmmm


The costumes i plan to make and wear:

Link green tunic (Zelda) only it'll be better than the one i made this year
Riku (Kingdom Hearts. the first one)
Temari (Naruto) *maybe*
Maybe something else if i have time or if i thik of something cool

Costumes i plan to make for friends:
Link (Blue tunic)-Zelda
Link (Red Tunic)-Zelda
Zelda-Zelda (durr)
Cloud (Kingdom hearts version)
One or two or five more naruto people
Sora (Kingdom hearts)

and probably more to come. lets see if i can do it all with a little help from my friends =)