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Jelly Soup:
While we are talking about badges, why not have a contest for badge art?

Ooops.. I feel like an idiot. I posted a similar idea in Things in the Universe about this because I did the same exact thing two years ago.  Oh well, less work for me.

lying is an art form:

--- Quote from: "Jelly Soup" ---While we are talking about badges, why not have a contest for badge art?
--- End quote ---

OMG! Definitely! Well, I'm not that great an artist but I do some average Photoshop stuff. Haha, well my banner was Photoshopped though I rushed it (took me like 10 min to slap on those images and stuff because I wanted a fast banner for the forums).

I don't know who made them but I know Ryu was passing out some little pieces of paper to stick on your badge that says "Fanime Forums" this year. I thought it was pretty cool but it didn't really do anything since I wasn't approached by any forum people. .^^;

But ya, this is a cool idea!
You can just have special stickers that people can stick on their badge or something if printing an entirely new badge is too troublesome.

If we were to have special forum badges, should we have a bit of a prerequisite placed on them, to make sure random people signing up and not posting just for the forum badges won't get them? Like, for example, 50~100 posts?

But other than that, this sounds awesome. If this indeed becomes available, will it be available during and for members of group registrations?

edit: and I can and will kick ass in a badge art contest if there actually is one :3


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