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Inuyasha 2006

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So who wants another round of inuyasha? Who wants to come to another gathering for 2006? Hakudoushi is plaining a skit for Dercosplay 2006, and anyone who'd like to join PM her! or say something!

Where to Meet

Hakudoushi: hakudoushi
Kouga: fighter_for_hire
Kanna: KindaRandomKris
Naraku: Youko_Kurama
Jako-chan: YummySushi
Rin: bulbagrrrl
Sango: Black_Hanyou
Yura: Ruby

yunnie2896 (Kagome or Kagura)

*hops* hello, kouga-chan!

i shall be kagome and run around in a miniskirt.

considering whether i have time to do hakudoushi. because i want to. but he has like two layers. ;_;

oh, and id like to say something:

if you dont pm me that you want to be in the skit, chances are you wont be. if you write it when you post here, ill probably see it, but its not certain. when i write the script, ill only have the characters that said they wanted to be in it, unless i add an extremely main inuyasha.

I might be Kanna next year. Depends on if I can finish my other two (or three) costumes. *dies*

I might go as either Kagome or Kagura next year :D

cant make the shoot cuz i'm not supposed to go to fanime next year. but, to any potential kikyo cosplayers out there, i'm retiring my outfit, so i'm willing to sell it (hakama, kimono top, red string). just PM me or whatever ^____^


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