Fanime '07 Promises

Started by ~~Loktera~~, June 16, 2005, 10:17:04 AM

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Well, promsies arent air tight right? :)

I promise to:

Not spend more than $20(Fanime 2002 and 2003 I ending up spending $500)
Not be overtaken by cute cosplayed geek girls
Actually buy artist row people's stuff and spend more time there
Try and meet other fellow artists
Brave competition on DDR
Try not to be so shy
Actually go all out on my cosplay outfit
Finally check out a screening or two
Bring more strawberry pocky

given I will most likely only be able to go on Saturday, this is a tall order!


Quote from: "Cryz"I promise to finally go watch Battle Royale II at all costs

you must like wanting to scream in absolute disgust
BR1 was genius
BR2 is abysmal


I promise:

-to practice DDR
-to glomp Roy Mustang
-to yell at those who call me "chibi" (since I'll be doing Ed)
-to glomp as many cosplayers as possible (those I know the characters of, naturally, and for those who I don't know, ask first)
-to buy a lot of stuff: manga, DVDs, keychains, pins, etc.
-to attend Swap Meet and sell some stuff
-to meet more new people
-to meet up with those I haven't seen for months
-to kick Envy's ass (our group's Envy)
"Don't give me any orders."


I promise to:

-actually speak to people once and awhile instead of saying, "hey" and ignoring them
-spend ONLY my budget
-make sure my roommates give me room money BEFORE they can put their stuff in the room
-spend more money on artist alley stuff and less on random dealer's room crap
-buy only 10 manga
-pack a cooler and eat only from that
-meet someone new
-hang with the BAAU people MORE instead of just saying so
-drink lots of water
What the hell was my last username? -ponders-


I promise I wont be a total newb  :D


I Promise: to not kill myself at the dances like i did the last 3 years (i was the guy generally seen at the very end of the dances going "One more Song!")
I Promise: not to go in to debt at the dealers room till after Sat.
I Promise: to actually make friends this time that i try to keep in touch with.
I Promise: to not buy any more "Gourme" pizzas at the convention hotel that cost me 6$ for gastual pains.
I Promise:to actually go to a non theater grouping presentation.
I Promise: to not allow my firends to pick up strange girls off of the convention floor and invite them to stay in our room (that was the worst night ever!)
I Promise: to get to fanime on thursday not friday night like i did last year.
I Promise: to try and hit on at least afew hot girls during the dance.hehe.
I Promise: to get sleep this time...(well maybe if one of the movie rooms are kinda more boring than i thought it would be.)
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Why do i fall in lov with every girl that pays the littlest bit of attention to me?


I promise further to:

-participate in the Masquerade Competition (cosplay)
-not starve during regular mealtimes
-make sure my phone's always charged
-get fangirled (this is more of a hope than a promise, but I thought I'd put it here anyway)
-get more doujinshi (can never have enough of those)
-get glomped (again, more of a hope than a promise)
"Don't give me any orders."

Liars Dice

I promise to:
-cosplay Team Rocket
-pwn at ITG/DDR
-not whore myself (too much)
-meet some cute new people!
-bring a lot of fanime nubs!


One more...
-I PROMISE TO FIND A TABLE! Unless Fanime can loan me one that I can use in the lobby

This sig isnt true anymore...I have to wait for a bit...


I Promise...

-To get more money together! (I have 300 out of a desired 900...>_<)
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ok this con I promise to:
1) not get drunk in the hentai room and loose my cell phone  :oops:
2) Get a random cosplayer to be my slave to my cosplay as URD in all leather via the manga version
3) not get elevator sick in the Marriott..LOL
4) Buy enough yaoi bingo tickets, so this time I get to TAKE A BISHIE'S CLOTHES OFF  =P~
5)Sell ALL the items I bring to the swap meet
6) come early to the swap meet
7) meet a guy that is older than 19..LOL...18 would be pushing it a little considering I will be 23 this year..ayyyyee!!!


Quote from: "Jyunishinsho"I promise:

1. to be more bishi (and I might join those auction things.....)

2. to not break the cymbal off the Drummania...the padding, I mean.

3. to not break so many getas.

4. to not pick homework over Fanime (two years running...).

5. to go to Fanime 06! ^^YAY^^

-to find someone at Fanime that will like me (currently heartbroken)
-to complete a list of karaoke songs I have
-to play DDR as Hiro from Bust a Groove
-to go through all the nights without sleep (...again)
-to bring my drumsticks next year
-to not bring my PSP or 3 Jenga sets next year
-to donate to Gaia (and to not sell the items I get there for 5k gold)
-to hug a Dizzy ^^
-to not get homework - -
-to find and create a new way of attracting people (similar to Ramen & Rice), but will spawn just as many copycats.

Ambiguous Promises:
-to somehow jump from the second story of the convention center to the first one.
-to float facefirst in the fountain as Zappa
-fangirls for next year? Aiming for at least 5...

Reborn my promises!


My first con. I promise:

*to try something new (food-wise)
*to rediscover pocky (I've had it once, in my earlier childhood...)
*to look into one new anime
*to WHORE THE DDR MACHINE. That's right. Whore it.
*to get glomped by at least TWO fangirls.
*to sing the "Ritalin" verse of Hot Limit at the Karaoke.
Haven't been here much since '09. I said some stupid, stupid things before (and after) that.


I promise to...

-Hold out all the gatherings I said I will hold and do well with them.
-Be myself and show my niceness to people. :D
-Take photos of costumes that I feel I need to take photos of. I can't do a whole photoshoot for everyone at fanime. I'm cosplaying to much to take photo coverage.
-Take good photos of the gatherings I am having.
-Take photos of my friends who wanted a small photoshooting. ;)
-Talk to people and show that I am not as shy like last year.  :P
-To wear 7-8 costumes for people to look at.
-That I am openminded, so do not worry about anything infront of me.

And for fun, I wanted to split this so...
I hope to...

-Meet more people and know more people.
-Hang around some of my friends to have some more fun.
-Meet some more friends that can share same ideas as me.
-Know some of you wonderful cosplayers more. :)
-Share some of my old cosplaying experiences. XD Though I am not old but I cosplayed to long. XP
-See everyone well. ;)
-Have fun and have everything go pretty well.  :lol:

That's all for me~ Of course I still have a lot of things here and there but mostly it. Hehe~ (^^)



I promise to try to...

-- make sure I'm clean.  (There'll be enough "con funk" out there...)
-- not go to sleep unless I'm at a hotel room I buy or in the park 100 yards from the Convention Center.
-- Go video-room nuts...  (11??!?!?!?!?????)


I promise to spend as much time as possible snuggling on chenczen :3


Quote from: "yunnie2896"I promise to:

1.Talk to more people

2.Have a pen & paper to right down cool people aims

3.Get comfortable shoes!!!!!

4.If I see a guy I'm intrested in, to have a enough corage to talk to them

5.Do Der Cosplay again because that was so much fun

6.Not fall asleep on the last night T-T

7.Do a cute pose with a Leon (if theres one there) in my Rinoa costume >.<

8.Bring more money (200 wasen't enough!)

& too glomp a Yuki!!!

Okay, I did thins almost a year ago and I must say things have changed so lets go again shall we?

1.Talk to less people, everyone I met found my myspace and I'm have trouble keeping up with myspace messages

2.Still stand true but I don't use aim anymore, I'll get urls

3.This is still really smart

4.I have a boyfriend so the one I let get away was replaced with the love of my life so I'm not worried about it!

5.I am infact again doing Der Cosplay, A DOA skit so I promise to I don't know not fall cause that would suck!

6.I will NOT give into sleep on SUNDAY if it KILLS ME!!!!!!!!!

7.I hate Rinoa, I promise not go as her and slap my hand for wanting to. She is SO overdone!

8.Bring as much as can, don't have a good job this year so...

9. ...glomp the entire fruits baskets crew...I'm feeling ambitous!


O.K promises? Let's think as I am here sitting next to Yunnie... Hay sweetie!

1) I promise not to have any part of my Paine Costume fall off at me at any time.

2) Comfy Shoes! (All though I know this one is not going to happen T.T)

3) No humoring any stalker people this year. I am just going to kick them and walk away laughing.

4) Not let Inc. disappear for days.

5) Say We're Yu Ri Pa Inc. So many time that I lose count.

6) Practice for the masqurade more than right before it happens.

Oh wow I could go on for ever. I am going to stop. Maybe add more as I go but I think these are pretty good.
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Aw c'mon...

Paine could always use a little showing off.  I always saw her as very underestimatedly sexy...

Of course, your Rikku will probably have to be muffled every time people ask who Yu Ri Pa Inc. is working for...


Promises eh? Im sure I have some.

1. Bring a backpack, last year I was lugging shit. Weak sauce.
2. Play more arcade games, last year I didnt have any patience especially with the DDR line and I would just give up and take my coin from the line.
3. Visit more panels.
4. Get laid, cause well you know...I gotta.
5. Dance till I cant stand anymore.
6. Take the time to get to know a few of my fellow board members a little better.
7. Test my new found Yugioh skills out.

Good times ahead.